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Bisbee Gallery

Bisbee Street Scene

Typical Bisbee Street of 'Victorian Buildings'

Bisbee Post Office

Bisbee Post Office

Bisbee's Statue celebrating the importance of Copper

Bisbee Car Sticker

Car Sticker seen in Bisbee

Mining Equipment on display

Mining Equipment on display

Mining Equipment is displayed at various locations around the town. There is also an excellent mining museum in the old headquarters of one of the leading mining companies. The Copper Queen Hotel still gives a flavour of the town at its peak.

Visiting the Queen Mine in Bisbee

3rd Generation Miner

3rd Generation Miner explaining how copper ore was extracted from the Queen Mine

Lavender Mine in Bisbee

Lavender Mine

It's difficult to appreciate the size of this open-cast mine. Giant lorries look tiny down at the bottom. Early mining was done by hand, following copper seams, but later it became more economical to remove and process the whole mountain.

Red Hillside in Bisbee

Red Hillside opposite the Lavender Mine

The characteristic red colour of much of the rock and soil around Bisbee is caused by iron oxides rather than copper apparently.

The Inn in Bisbee

The Inn at Bisbee

Multi-story buildings show that Bisbee was once a prosperous and crowded town.