Arizona Sky Village

Scenery Gallery

San Simone Valley

The Sky Village is located on the edge of the San Simone Valley at the foot of the Chiricahua Mountains. This view looks away from the Chirircahuas across the open plain to the mountains on the eastern side of the valley. It was taken at the end of the summer monsoon season when clouds buildup during the day to produce heavy scattered showers in the afternoon. These are frequently followed by clear nights.

Cave Creek Canyon

This is the view from the patio windows in the Green Witch House. Jack Newton's house and observatory are in the foreground with the entrance to the canyon beyond. It was taken in January 2007 two days after six inches of snow had fallen in one night. Lighter falls are more common in the winter.

Closer view of the canyon

Taken from the same spot as the above photo this one is zoomed in to give a closer look.

Doctor's Spiral

The story tells of an English Doctor who came to the area to recover from some sort of mental trauma. He built this and several other stoneworks as a form of therapy while living alone in a tiny shack.

Canyon Walk

A typical path through the lower parts of Cave Creek Canyon. This one leads to Vista Point from which there are spectacular views of Cathedral Rock and the canyon walls.

View from Vista Point

Mixed woodland and rugged rock formations in Cave Creek Canyon

Cochise Head

Seen from the air this rocky formation resembles the face of the Indian Chief, Cochise

Dragoon Mountains

This rocky pass through the Dragoon Mountains is on Highway I10 between Benson and Willcox